About Abhay

Abhay Gupta is an Indian Music Composer/Director, Singer, Song Writer and Record Producer. He hails from a small town in Uttar Pradesh – Bareilly.

Creative by mind, artistic by heart, melodious by voice and kaafi musical overall - such is the composition that makes Abhay Gupta. The music that osmosis out of his mind into your hearts is renowned for cherishing the many colours of life. As a record-producer, this helps him become an instant appeal both sentimentally and commercially.

When he was just 6 years of age, Abhay was discovered as a music prodigy by his family and friends. Turns out there is a bright side to making your children sing and dance for all the uncles and aunts.

An alumnus of the Bhatkande Music University, he had his formal training at the esteemed Lucknow Gharana. His genres of choice include Romance and Pop Music that hold the promise to have you miss an ex you never had or tap your feet and bob your head at the most indecorous of times!

Abhay believes in immersing himself in every emotion so that he can weave captivating songs out of it. This synchronicity with himself helps him meet his audience at a deeper level. Abhay doesn’t just make music, he creates emotions, he creates love, he creates magic! He has penned over a 100 soulful songs, all of which will melt your heart the first or the fifteenth time just the same.

Whether you are sad, happy, in love or simply in the mood to dance, Abhay has music for all your whims and moods.

Another chord that strikes very close to his heart is that of his furry friends and their habitats. He is a celebrated animal lover with even more love to spare for nature.

Catch him live at concerts across the country or tune into Spotify, Amazon Music and iTunes. While you are at it, be sure to sing-along to the all-time-favourites - 'Crush', ‘Pray for the World' and 'Avahan'!

Abhay Gupta

Music Composer, Singer, Songwriter & Record Producer